What is Nomadic Tempest?


The production Nomadic Tempest is on the theme of Climate Change with parts of the production spoken in five different languages, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and Indigenous Salish. It is an epic tale of four monarch butterflies from disparate corners of the globe, displaced by climate change, searching for a new home.

The production is performed on the 110 foot Amarazee Ship and includes actors, dancers, musicians, and more.

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Caravan Stage is proud to be included in the UNWTO 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The Caravan Stage Company is a community of nomadic artists. Fundamental to the “Caravaners” is the inherent manifestation of the value of co-operative work and participation. Hundreds of people have learned the craft of theatre, while experiencing a demanding living environment, in which to develop self-reliance, individual confidence, and motivation.The Amara Zee serves as our floating performance venue, as well as, our communal living environment. In this way, the Caravan can provide a sustainable model for harmony and diversity. We collaborate on all aspects of the production, performance and maintenance of the ship. As a community, we hope to provide the world with an example of effective, sustainable, self-organizing living.

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Nomadic Tempest Response Survey

Reflect & Respond

In collaboration with graduate students at Patel College of Global Sustainability @ University of South Florida, a short series of follow-up questions have been designed to test the Butterfly Effect of our production, Nomadic Tempest. We would simply like to better understand how our performance and storyline made you feel, which parts created the greatest impact upon you as an individual and whether you may or may not have learned something from the experience as a whole. The length of the survey is so that we may understand connections and patterns between responses.

Reflect and Respond to Nomadic Tempest

Tell us how effective our story was to you!

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Take Action Locally

but·ter·fly ef·fect
(with reference to chaos theory) the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

In collaboration with the values of the UN designate & our commitment to highlighting local organizations for our viewers to TAKE ACTION in their own communities we offer a few organizations to connect with & invite you to help us build the lsit with any known organizations you feel align with our messages.




The Jellyfish Project is a non-profit organization that uses music, live performance, and learning resources to generate awareness and provide education on ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship.

Fossil Free Canada

Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

Greenpeace Canada

Ministry of Environment

Environment & Climate Change Canada

Social Justice

Aboriginal Tourism BC

AMSSA Strengthening Diversity in BC

Performing Arts


The International Year for Tourism Development


The #IY2017 will promote tourism’s role in the following five key areas:

(1) Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

(2) Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction

(3) Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

(4) Cultural values, diversity and heritage

(5) Mutual understanding, peace and security.

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We worked to organize this tour for over a year and production is now well under way. We anticipated a grant award to cover our production costs. We did not receive what we expected. We know we can count on YOU to make this tour possible! Your generosity will provide:

  • Groceries to feed the cast & crew
  • Production materials: costumes, props, & set pieces
  • Supplies for the ship: paint, tools, filters, etc...
  • Travel Expenses for cast & crew

Your donation supports a passionate, dedicated group of artists. We aim to share this production & our empowering messages with people who may not otherwise be exposed to the arts, let alone this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience!